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  • ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS COURSE: Basic AC & DC Theory, Basic Electronic Math, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Transistors, and Semiconductor Devices, Electronic Circuit Components, Test Instruments including Oscilloscopes and Logic Probes, Electronic Test and Measurement, Electronic Circuit Troubleshooting.

  • JOURNEYMAN (RADAR) CERTIFIED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS COURSE: Block diagrams and schematics, components, cabling and antenna, hands on tools & soldering, mathematics, amplifiers, radar transceivers, interfacing, satellite, warless, and data communications, computers and digital concepts, software-programming, troubleshooting, and people relations.

  • JOURNEYMAN (WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS) CERTIFIED ELECTRONICS TECHNICIANS COURSE: Basic communications circuits and components, AM & FM Transmitters, Communication Receivers, Communication Systems.