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Since 1996, Love Aviation has been a trusted provider of FCC Commercial License, Certified Electronics Technician, Fiber Optic training courses and exams. Our track record includes successful graduates from esteemed organizations like American Airlines, Burlington Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad, Southwestern Bell, Valor Telecom, MCI, United Airlines, TIMCO, Atlantic Aero, US Airways, Cessna Citation, and various Military Sites such as Fort Liberty (Bragg), North Carolina, and Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Lewis WA, etc. With a widespread presence, Love Aviation offers courses not only in numerous cities across Texas but also throughout the United States and globally, ensuring accessible and comprehensive training for aspiring Aviation, Communication and Electronics professionals. 

General Radio Operator License (GROL)

The General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL) is a mandatory certification for individuals involved in adjusting, maintaining, or internally repairing high-power FCC-licensed radiotelephone transmitters within the aviation, maritime, and international fixed public radio services. This comprehensive license encompasses all operating privileges granted by the Marine Radio Operator Permit (MROP). Moreover, a GROL is essential for individuals operating high-power commercial and pleasure maritime HF radio stations. This license ensures that professionals in these fields have the necessary qualifications and expertise to handle and manage radiotelephone communication systems effectively and in compliance with regulatory standards.

 Radar Endorsement

The Radar Endorsement is a specialized certification that can only be added to the General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL), the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System Operator (GMDSS/O), or the GMDSS/M license. This endorsement is essential for individuals authorized to repair, maintain, or internally adjust ship radar equipment. Specifically, the endorsement is attainable through Element 8, which serves as an add-on to the GROL. With the Radar Endorsement, professionals gain the expertise and authorization required to work on ship radar systems, ensuring their competence in handling and servicing this critical maritime communication and navigation technology.

GMDSS Operator Course

The GMDSS Operator Course (Global Maritime Distress Safety System - operator) is a crucial requirement for individuals involved in operating the latest satellite-based marine emergency sub-systems and equipment. It is important to note that while this course authorizes individuals for the operation of GMDSS equipment, it does not grant permission for the repair and maintenance of such equipment. The GMDSS, with its advanced capabilities, is anticipated to replace Radiotelegraph certificates as Morse code is phased out on the high seas. The prerequisite for undertaking the GMDSS Operator Course is Element 1, and completion of Element 7 is also required to fulfill the necessary training components for this specialized certification

GMDSS Radio Maintainer Course

The GMDSS/M (Global Maritime Distress Safety System - Radio Maintainer) certification is essential for individuals tasked with the repair and maintenance of satellite-based marine emergency sub-systems and equipment. It's important to highlight that this certification does not grant authorization for the operation of GMDSS equipment. The prerequisite for enrolling in the GMDSS/M course is the completion of Element 1 and Element 3. Additionally, to fulfill the necessary training requirements for this specialized certification, individuals are required to complete Element 9. This ensures that professionals are adequately trained and qualified to address the technical aspects of maintaining and repairing GMDSS equipment, contributing to the overall safety and functionality of maritime communication systems.

Associate Certified Electronics Technician Course 

The Associate Certified Electronics Technician Course provides a comprehensive curriculum covering fundamental concepts in electronics. The course encompasses topics such as Basic AC & DC Theory, Basic Electronic Math, AC Circuits, DC Circuits, Transistors, and Semiconductor Devices, Electronic Circuit Components, Test Instruments, Electronic Test and Measurement, and Electronic Circuit Troubleshooting. Participants in this course will gain a strong foundation in both alternating and direct current theories, learn about semiconductor devices and transistors, explore electronic circuit components, and become proficient in using various test instruments for electronic measurements. Additionally, the course focuses on practical skills such as troubleshooting electronic circuits, ensuring that students are well-equipped with the knowledge and hands-on experience required for entry-level positions in electronics and related fields.

Journeyman (Wireless Communication, Radar, RFIM, etc.) CET Course 

The Journeyman/Senior CET Course in Wireless Communication, Radar, and Radio Frequency Interference offers a specialized curriculum designed to equip participants with advanced knowledge and skills in these specific areas. The course covers essential topics including Basic Communications Circuits and Components, AM & FM Transmitters, Communications Receivers, and Communications Systems. Participants will delve into the intricacies of wireless communication, gaining a deep understanding of the circuits and components involved. The course also focuses on the design and operation of AM and FM transmitters, as well as the principles and technologies behind communication receivers. Additionally, participants will explore comprehensive communication systems, fostering expertise in the integration and functioning of various components. This training is designed for individuals seeking to become Journeyman Certified Electronics Technicians with a specialization in wireless communication, radar, and the mitigation of radio frequency interference.

Fiber Optics 

The Fiber Optics Installer Course is a newly introduced program that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical projects. Participants in this course will gain a comprehensive understanding of fiber optics technology, covering essential theories and principles. The curriculum includes both theoretical aspects of fiber optics installation and practical, lab-based hands-on projects. To inquire about specific details and pricing, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the course provider directly. This training program is designed to equip participants with the skills and expertise needed to install and work with fiber optic systems, meeting the increasing demand for professionals in this rapidly evolving field and earn the Electronics Technician Association International ETA-I FOI/FOT certification.

Introduction to Electronics Technology 

Extensive Theory And Lab/Hands-On Projects. Call for details and prices.