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Basic Electronics Courses

  • The Electronics System Associate Exams (ESA): The ESA program covers DC, AC, Semi and Digital in 4 parts. Certificates are awarded for passing each of the 4 parts, DC, AC, semi-conductor and digital. Once all 4 certificates are earned the Associate CET is awarded. The ESA program offers advantages to student and instructors that the Associate level CET program does not offer. Once all 4 parts of the ESA are successfully completed, the Associate CET Certificate is awarded.

  • Electronics Modules (EM1-5): The Electronics Modules program is based on ETA’s Associate level certification, and is divided into five modules. The purpose of this is to align with a growing portion of the electronics education industry that is charged with providing electronics training that does not include the total content of traditional basic electronics courses.

Available Electronics Modules

  1. DC (EM1)

  2. AC (EM2)

  3. Analog (EM3)

  4. Digital (EM4)

  5. Comprehensive (EM5)